I believe that our soul is enriched by every soul we meet. I love people and everything we can learn and share. I am inspired about learning from everyone’s culture and supporting those who aren’t sure they have one. I am passionate about creativity, I am practical, handy, skillful, and a reflective.

As well as a great photographer, filmmaker, and facilitator, I am a graphic designer, community organiser, percussionist, capoeirista, and great human being.

Born in Argentina, I grew up in Colombia. Studied arts and graphics at the Instituto de Artes en Medellín. I migrated to London many years ago were I studied Youth Work, ESOL teaching, Action Research, along with many other courses. I am working with migrant communities using photography, arts, and physical activities as tools to enable people to express themselves and create a positive impact in society.

Throughout my journey, I have worked for Save the Children, Red Cross, RefugeeYouth Charity, Praxis community Projects, Croydon & Surrey Council, LAYF (Latin-American Youth Forum), IRMO (Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation) Pembroke House, Migrateful, Sanctuary Group.